Anonymous – Message to the Government of Turkey #OpTurkey

To the government of Turkey! We have warned you that you will learn the full fury of anonymous wrath if you continue supporting terrorists from Islamic State by buying oil from them. You have ignored every warning and kept on financing the main enemy of the mankind! In fact you have embarked on providing direct support to the armed groups of Syrian Turkmen affiliated with Islamic State in return for their participation in your unscrupulous and unlawful war against the Kurdish people living on the border of Syria and Turkey. The Turkmen fight your ideological foes, while you provide them with weapons, lines of retreat and hide-outs on your territory. You are eager to give them anything, including air defense and heavy weapons, as long as it gets you closer to achieving your bloody goal of annihilating the Kurdish people.

Know that we will never allow it to happen! You have been warned! Operation Turkey begins. We have declared our solidarity against those who affiliate themselves with ISIS and those who control them, and we will not back down. We will continue attacking your banks and government institutions. We will shut down your civilian and military lines of communication. You will lose every possibility to govern your state, financial markets and armed forces. We will cripple the entire system of government.



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